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29 September, 2016
Sheikh Hamdan Department - THE SOCIETY

Dubai is unique in the diversity and cohesiveness of its society, which was forged on tolerance, respect, forgiveness and communication since Dubai’s inception, which resulted in the creation of an exemplary multicultural society. This theme focuses on continuing in Dubai’s tradition of celebrating diversity to enrich the city and drive its development by harnessing the talents and creativity of its global and diverse population. The theme also addresses the importance of the family as the building unit that nurtures and empowers the individual, and also emphasizes the importance of social inclusion of all vulnerable groups in the society

1- A Vibrant and Sustainable Multi-Cultural Society: A population that is economically and demographically sustainable and for which multiculturalism is a source of strength and pride.
2- A Tolerant and Inclusive Society Embracing the Civic Values of Dubai: A society in which people are treated equally and fairly and share a set of core civic values including tolerance, and personal responsibility.
3- Cohesive Families and Communities Forming the Bedrock of Society: Families and communities that provide nurturing environments for personal development, including the raising of children inculcated with core values of personal responsibility, creativity and tolerance.

1- Proportion of individuals who are satisfied with the cultural diversity in Dubai.
2- Proportion of people who believe that people with disabilities are well-catered to in Dubai society.
3- Proportion of individuals who believe that Dubai is an appropriate place to raise a family.
4- Proportion of individuals who consider Dubai a suitable place to live for expatriates of different nationalities.
5- Fertility Rate of Emiratis.
6- Annual population growth rate.
7- Proportion of individuals who feel that they have friends or relatives they can rely on to help them when needed.

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