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29 September, 2013
Sheikh Hamdan Department - THE GOVERNMENT

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai always emphasized that the government is an authority FOR the people and not over them. This has been a key principle for how the Government of Dubai has operated in everything it does. Dubai Plan 2021 dedicates a theme to this idea, whereby people’s happiness and satisfaction with government services and policies are the primary measures for the government’s success. The theme also addresses the need to enhance government efficiency and transparency in all aspects.

1- Proactive and Creative in Meeting the Needs of Individuals and Society as a Whole: The government is forward-looking, proactively listening to and engaging all stakeholders, to ensure that its policies and services meet the needs of individuals and society as a whole, in the present and the future. It also aims to simplify the lives of people through the provision of smart, high quality government services reflecting the individual activities and institutional requirements.
2- Sustainable and Innovative in the Management of its Resources: The Government of Dubai adopts a culture of innovation and excellence in its approach to the management of public finances in a manner that sustainably supports city development and environmental friendliness, and human resource practices that ensure the accumulation and continuity of knowledge and experience for the government.
3- Transparent and Reliable: The Government of Dubai ensures a fair and reliable application of all laws and regulations in order to preserve the rights of the individuals and institutions. It is also committed to adopting a transparent approach in the development and implementation of all policies, legislations and services.

1- Satisfaction rate with the quality of City’s services.
2- M-Services Adoption index.
3- Budget surplus / deficit (as % of GDP).
4- Total public debt as a percentage of GDP.
5- Government Efficiency Index.
6- Proportion of government buildings that are green certified. 7- Rule of Law Index.
8- Proportion of individuals who have confidence in the judicial system and the courts.
9- Proportion of individuals who have confidence in the local police.

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