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29 September, 2013
Sheikh Hamdan Department - THE ECONOMY

Dubai has become a key player in the global economy and it aims to reinforce its position by enhancing its standing as a global business center to be among the top 5 centers for trade, logistics, finance, and tourism. Dubai’s announcement as the Capital of Islamic Economy is an important step in recognizing Dubai as one of the leading economic centers. This theme focuses on moving Dubai to a sustainable economic model driven by innovation, and productivity in capital and labor, and supported by the most business friendly environment. In addition, the theme highlights the importance of a diversified set of value-add economic activities that would enhance Dubai’s economic resilience and allow it to absorb internal and external shocks.

1- A City that Enjoys Sustainable Economic Growth: Economic growth that is resilient to disruptive shocks because it is underpinned by a diversified base of economic activity, innovation in business models and increasing productivity of labor and capital.
2- One of the World’s Leading Business Centres: Consistently ranked as one of the top 5 global centers for trade, logistics, tourism and finance as well as internationally recognized as the leading financial and trading center at the heart of the Islamic economy.
3- The Most Business Friendly City and a Preferred Investment Destination: Dubai is the preferred investment destination for foreign capital, and takes its position as the most business friendly city in the world.

1- GDP Growth Rate (Total at constant prices).
2- Trade Openness Ratio.
3- Jebel Ali port ranking and volume in container throughout (Regionally and Globally).
4- Dubai International Airport ranking and volume in Passenger Traffic (Regionally and Globally).
5- International Financial Center Index.
6- Total number of tourists.
7- Composite Indicator for Islamic Economy.
8- Dubai Ease of Doing Business ranking.
9- Foreign direct investment as a percentage of GDP (total).

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