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29 September, 2013
Sheikh Hamdan Department - THE PLACE

This theme focuses on building fully connected and integrated infrastructure that ensures easy mobility for all residents and tourists, and provides easy access to all economic centers and social services, in line with the world’s best cities. The theme addresses the importance of sustainability in managing against Dubai’s future growth by ensuring the availability of clean energy sources and protecting natural resources such as soil, water, and air, and promoting sustainable consumption. The theme also examines the urban environment of the city highlighting the need to adopt the highest standards of safety.

1- A Smart, Integrated and Connected City: The infrastructure that supports the economic and social life of Dubai as a city matches world-class levels of efficiency and citizen accessibility, and that allows for future growth of the city.
2- Sustainable with its Resources: A city that uses its resources sustainably over the long-term and in line with international best practice levels in terms of consumption, efficiency, and management, and in its dependence on renewable energy sources.
3- Environmental Elements are Clean, Healthy and Sustainable: Dubai enjoys a clean and healthy environment in all its elements and ensures its sustainability in the long-term, and in line with the world’s best practices.
4- A Safe and Resilient Built Environment: Safety standards across the built environment - including building and transport safety codes and emergency services and crisis/ disaster response capabilities - that match international best practices.

1- Satisfaction with the Infrastructure of Dubai (by area).
2- Rate of carbon dioxide emissions per GDP.
3- Annual solid waste generated by the city per capita.
4- Average response time to different emergencies (police).
5- Average response time to different emergencies (civil defense for fire accidents).
6- Average response time to different emergencies (ambulance).
7- M-completion.
8- Road fatalities per 100,000 population.

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